A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

The life of a student athlete is a busy one. Cameron Brink shows us how supplements help her in her workouts and her student life.

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Optimum Nutrition - Cameron Brink

Preparing for the Big Game

AMIN.O. ENERGY is your assist – it gives you caffeine, plus electrolytes and amino acids that help fuel you through to the next thing

Project Overview

Scripted Commercial

We teamed up with our long-time partners Optimum Nutrition to film Stanford basketball player Cameron Brink in two commercials, featuring two of Optimum's flagship products, Amino Energy Sparkling and Gold Standard Whey. Filmed on location in the Bay Area over two days, the scripted commercials show how Cameron uses Gold Standard Whey to help recover from her workouts, and how Amino Energy helps get her through her busy schedule as a student athlete. Along with the 30-second commercials, we delivered 15-second and six-second cutdowns of each, and delivered in all cuts in three different aspect ratios, for viewing across broadcast and social media. See the embedded Vimeo showcase below to see all delivered assets for this project.