Legendary Preworkout

BSN is known for their legendary preworkout and best-in-class protein powder. The brand sponsors some of the most premiere athletes in bodybuilding and fitness.

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BSN - Syntha6 and N.O.Xplode

Supplements for Performance

Syntha6 protein powder and N.O. Xplode are used by professional and amateur athletes alike to get the results they desire.

Project Overview

Scripted Commercial

We shot these two commercials for BSN on location in Chicago, IL. Filmed over the course of one day, the two spots were then cutdown and formatted for everything from Tiktok to broadcast, in 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second lengths. We also produced a photoshoot along with all the video deliverables, which was shot on a second production day in the same location. The Syntha6 spot features Andrew Jacked, an IFBB Pro League professional bodybuilder, trainer and fitness influencer, residing in Dubai, UAE. The N.O. Xplode spot featured Erik Janicki, a world class fitness trainer, coach and bodybuilder.