The Competitive Edge that Wins Championships

Taylor turned pro at 17. From overcoming injuries and maintaining his fitness year-round, to honing his mental state for competition. This is his story.

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Optimum Nutrition - Taylor Fritz

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Project Overview

Branded Documentary
Corporate Testimonial

Taylor Fritz is a pro tennis player who has been making waves recently. We filmed three episodes for this short documentary series. He talked about how he uses Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey to recover from his intense workouts.  

Episode 1 - Journey to the Top: The path to being a professional and the mental strength and commitment it takes. Highlights the internal dialogue along the journey to be his best.

Episode 2 –Overcoming Setbacks: Shares a story of resilience and perseverance. Illustrates the physical and mental work it takes to recover from a set back.

Episode 3 –Future-Focused: Gets into the mindset of consistent growth and improvement. To constantly be working on something bigger and better.

This series was a full video campaign across all relavent social platforms, and included a 30-second trailer, as well as 15-second cutdowns of each episode. Everything was delivered in both 16x9 wide and 9x16 vertical formats. Check out all the delivered assets in the embedded showcase below.