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Cisco - Sugarcreek

Recipe for Success

Cisco's integrated security solution, with foundational Firepower 2100 next-generation firewalls, protects SugarCreek's 24/7 food manufacturing lines and data centers at six facilities across four midwestern states.

Project Overview

Branded Documentary
Corporate Testimonial

We collaborated with Ironbound Films to create this short, branded documentary on bacon-giant SugarCreek’s implementation of Cisco’s technologies into their multiple bacon and pork factories. The film profiles John Richardson, the CEO of SugarCreek, and shows the history and founding of the company leading it to where it is today. Despite SugarCreek’s growth and success, it remains a family business at its core. We showed this in the film by going to the Richardsons’ home and filming a family gathering, as well as interviews with various family members about SugarCreek’s “Recipe for Success” and their use of Cisco networking and data-collecting technologies in their factories. This is cut with footage from two of their factories, where we filmed the bacon manufacturing process, as well as the various Cisco technology throughout the factory floor.

The film explains how these connected systems improve everything from security to production quotas, and features extensive manufacturing and industrial food footage. The profile of the Richardson family really helps add a personal touch to the highly technical collaboration between these two giant companies, while still showcasing Cisco’s technology in a rather unique setting.