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Space. An infinite expanse of deadly vacuum. It can reach minus 400, and be hotter than a million degrees. Utterly inhospitable. A place only for the brave. The courageous. The Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Samsung - Space Selfie

Come in, Houston

To celebrate Samsung’s 50th, people everywhere were given a chance to get their face in space by sending a superpressure aerostatic balloon into space for a week. People across the world were able to send a selfie of themselves up to a rig on the balloon. Their image was shown on a Samsung Galaxy phone floating in space – and then captured against the space backdrop by another camera –before being beamed back down to them on earth.

Project Overview

Branded Documentary
Travel Shoot

Samsung contracted us to document their audacious ad campaign which sent their flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, to space. Entitled “Space Selfie,” the project included a group of Samsung developers, a few Department of Defense contractors, and aerospace cinematography company Flightline Films, known for producing the famous Red Bull video of Felix Baumgartner’s epic freefall from space.

The phone was sent up to the stratosphere on a high-altitude weather balloon to display people’s selfies on its screen. A camera would then take a photo of the selfie on the phone with the curvature of the earth and the black of space behind it, the  beam it back to the ground. Over the week of production spent on site in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we captured in cinematic detail the preparations of the payload, the difficulties of the software development, the space-qualifying of the phone itself, and the tension of dealing with the weather in order to execute a perfect mission. The short documentary looks and feels like it should be on The Discovery Channel or NatGeo. It was featured on major social media platforms and was the official video for Samsung’s Space Selfie campaign.