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Skyrocket is a tech-entertainment company defining the future of play. Leveraging the latest technology, their groundbreaking product portfolio is changing the way consumers engage and interact across generations.

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Skyrocket Toys - Recoil 1


You can create a laser tag arena just about anywhere, as long as you can convince enough people to play. Just plop down the base station, sync up the phones and guns, and a dedicated Android or iOS app handles the rest.

Project Overview

Event Coverage
Same Day Edit

We covered Skyrocket Toys’ activation at the 2017 San Diego ComicCon for their brand new product Recoil. Essentially an advanced laser tag with smartphone integration for a layer of objectives and augmented reality, Recoil was played by hundreds of ComicCon goers over the course of two days. We worked with social media influencers and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob to create a video for each day, each one shot, edited, and uploaded that same day to various social media platforms. The videos feature extensive sound design using the game’s own weapon sound effects, creating an action-packed frenzy that played up the energy and excitement felt by all who tried Recoil that day.

The pieces feature man-on-the-street interviews with participants and social media influencers alike, as well as extensive footage of the game being played. As shots were ticked off the shot list, the footage was delivered to an editing station set up on sight, and cut throughout the day. The videos were approved and uploaded before sundown each day.