Cutting-Edge Minigolf

Puttshack says its ‘tech-infused’ but the tech is not necessarily widely understood by customers, leading to a loss in brand equity as customers see Puttshack as equal to lesser competitors who don’t have advanced technology woven into their experience.

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Puttshack - Edutainment


Through the lens of edutainment, propose a creative platform that will engage existing customers by showcasing the tech via a concept built for longevity rather than a one-off activation.

Project Overview

Scripted Commercial

We produced six 30-second "Edutainment" pieces for Puttshack, shot on location at Puttshack's location in Chicago, IL, and filmed over the course of two production days. The scripts were written by UK-based ad agency Ignite, and we were brought in to help bring the scripts to life.

We handled all things production, from sourcing the crew, casting, and any other logistics. Because of the precise time constraint of 30 seconds for each piece, we previsualized the entire script in Unreal Engine. This allowed us to get the exact timing of every shot and line perfect, while preserving the comedic timing and delivery.