Design. Quality. Comfort.

What is it that makes Vahan unique and luxurious? What is the secret that has helped VAHAN endure for 50 years? Well it's no secret; it is design, quality, and comfort.

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Vahan 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Starting from hand-drawn sketches, each piece of jewelry is designed and produced in the USA. Vahan was founded in 1968 by classically trained French Designer Sacha Der Calousdian. From a modest, one man, Manhattan based studio, Sacha has grown the company into a leading American made, family run jewelry brand.

Project Overview

Branded Documentary
Corporate Testimonial

We were contacted by Alwand Vahan, a legendary jewelry maker and family-owned and operated business, to produce a short documentary celebrating their 50th anniversary. Citing our documentary work as reference, they trusted us to write, produce, and deliver the film with very little oversight. We were graciously invited into not only their business and factory, but their family’s home. We interviewed the family about the company’s founder, Sacha Der Calousdian, “one of the few remaining Renaissance men” and expert jeweler. The result is a touching piece that not only celebrates Sacha and his accomplishments, but paints a portrait of his family and personalizes the brand even further.

The piece was filmed over three days on location in New York with a crew of four, and an additional day later on during a photoshoot with a crew of two. The focus on building Sacha as a character with a great personality and brilliant craftsman gives this film a personal quality that works well with short branded documentaries.