The perfect option anytime hunger strikes.

In 2017, Doordash partnered with Jack in the Box to bring their delicious burgers, tacos, and Brunchfast to doors in the San Francisco Bay Area via Happy the Robot. They received an incredibly positive response from gamers, busy parents, students, and night owls who were thrilled that they could get Jack until 3 AM.

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Jack in the Box - Doordash Robot

Happy the Robot

Smart. Fearless. Relentlessly Relevant. Happy is an autonomous delivery robot who will carry your Doordash order of Jack In The Box across town, right to your office or home.

Project Overview

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When Doordash partnered with Jack in the Box and Marble to develop Happy the Robot, their PR firm, MWWPR, commissioned Northwoods to produce this piece for their press release of the partnership. When development was complete on Happy, our team flew out to San Francisco Bay Area to spend a day filming with the robot. An order was placed on Doordash, from the MWWPR offices, and the autonomous robot set out to retrieve the order form Jack in the Box and deliver it [temperature controlled] to the MWWPR team. The press release was well received overall and our team even got to enjoy some of the food that Happy delivered.