Wood Is Irregular. Unpredictable. And Has Many Flaws.

Yet this is what makes wood such a creative medium to work in. Utilitarian objects such as tables, chairs, or cutting boards become works of art when their imperfections are embraced.

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Well-Made Objects

The thought and artistry that goes into the creation of an every-day household object can increase its meaning to the owner.

Will is a friend of ours who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We drove up to film him in his shop for the day, and see if we could make something interesting.

What resulted is a beautiful piece that shows the level of craftsmanship and artistry that goes into working with such a universal material as wood. Will’s work is influenced largely by his philosophy on life and material possessions, and we captured all that in just a few hours’ shoot. This documentary has served as a very useful reference piece for many clients looking to bring a sincere and personal vibe to their marketing videos, as well as other filmmakers looking to collaborate.