The Molten Metal That Is the Core of the Earth

How often do we think about iron? This is a documentary about people who think about it quite a bit, and find it to be a highly artistic medium.

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Rugged Beauty

See the rough, dirty, and firey transformation of this ancient element into gleaming works of art.

There is a studio in a quiet neighborhood in Chicago where metal is forged into art.

The name of the studio is Lunarburn, and it has been run by Eric Stephenson for years. We reached out to Eric to see if we could film some of his artistic process, and were subsequently invited to film an event that only happens once every few years; the Lunarburn iron pour. Kelly Ludeking comes down from Minnesota every few years to fire up their beloved iron forge, and artists from all over the city bring moulds to have cast into iron. What we captured was the all-day process of turning old scrap metal into beautiful, molten iron that ignites a primal reaction when witnessed at night.