They're Not Pals. They're Not Friends. They're Brothers.

Keep in mind that this is show business. It’s all smoke and mirrors and bubbles. And if you’re compelled. If you’re a true artist. It’s a huge responsibility to…to be real.

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Touring Around the World

This documentary covered shows all over the United States, as well as Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia.

Washington-based hardcore math rock band The Fall of Troy decided to reunite several years after a dramatic falling out. This documentary goes behind the scenes and on tour with the band to document the raw emotions and experiences that shape their iconic music.

Not only does the film document their reunion, but it tells the story of their past, from their formation as a band in high school, their rise to fame, and their downfall on tour several years later. Dozens of interviews were conducted over several years, and several tours, including a three week tour through Europe, were documented in detail. The band’s dark and complex personalities and crazy stage performances are captured in stunning visuals and up-close and personal backstage moments.

This project is still in the works.