Forget about Designer Clothes and Jewelry

Sure, people will spend upwards of $10k on a designer handbag. Or more than double that on a collection of designer shoes. Possibly even triple that on a collection of designer jewelry. But on a tattoo? That is quite frankly something that was unheard of. Until now. Bodysuits are costing more than some houses.

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Streaming on Demand

Coming soon to a streaming platform near you. We will announce the final home of Designer Skin when the film is completed.

DESIGNER SKIN sets out to explore a completely unprecedented phenomenon of photo realism tattoo artists + collectors that has become so vastly realized worldwide.

Never before in history has tattoo collecting been so widely accepted. Prior to the explosion of social media + the birth of tattoo reality shows 15 years ago, tattooing + tattoo collecting were viewed only as outlaw culture. DESIGNER SKIN celebrates the evolution of tattoo culture around the globe + in humanity as a whole, by refocusing the craft as a refined form of art + art collection. The film connects with artists + collectors around the world to discuss how the culture has shifted from back alley shops to an exclusive + elegant experience.