Even before I graduated I was shooting major ad campaigns across the country. While my classmates were arguing about the merits of shooting film over digital, I was learning commercial fashion photography under the mentorship of one of the industry’s best. I should have the phrase “hit the ground running” tattooed on my forearm.

Cinematography has always inspired me as it is the perfect marriage of art and science. Plus, master of light just sounds pretty cool on a resume. I am also an award winning director but, all of my projects start with a solid backbone of lighting and camerawork. I am also one of Northwoods’ lead editors and one of my greatest strengths is my ability to conceptualize a project from beginning to end.

I have an insatiable lust for life and I try to embody both the part of the comic relief and the fearless leader when appropriate. I read, write and exercise every day and other than that I simply try to remain humble in my efforts and fearless in my approach. 

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